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Library Systems and Databases Vendors

TITLE: The Library Corporation
DESCRIPTION: "The BiblioFile family of automation tools includes cataloging, public access catalogs, circulation, and networked systems, as well as resource databases that include more than 10 million MARC records. "The Web site provides information on Library Corporation's products and services, FAQs, and career opportunities, etc. 
KEYWORDS: integrated library system vendor, library corporation

TITLE: Auto-Graphics, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: Supplier of information and database resource-sharing systems. The demo of Impact/ONLINE WebPAC is available.
LOCATION: 3201 Temple Ave., Pomona, CA 91768
PHONE: 800-776-6939
FAX: 909-595-3506
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, auto-graphics

TITLE: BiblioMondo Inc.
DESCRIPTION: Library automated system.
LOCATION: 3600 Thimens Blvd, Saint Laurent, Quebec, H4R 1V6, Canada
PHONE: 514-337-3000
FAX: 514-337-9290
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, PortFolio, Concerto, and ZONES

TITLE: CyberTools? for Libraries
DESCRIPTION: An integrated library automation system that includes multiple catalogs, authority control, circulation, serials functions, designed for special, medical, and research libraries.
LOCATION: 249 Ayer Road, Harvard, MA 01451
PHONE: 800-894-9206
FAX: 978-772-9400
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, cybertools

TITLE: Data Research Associates, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: "DRA is a leading provider of client/server automation systems, networking services and other related services, with its primary systems emphasis focusing on libraries and other information providers."
LOCATION: 276 North Warson Road, P.O. Box 8495, St. Louis, MO 63132-1806
PHONE: 800-325-0888 ; 314-432-1100
FAX: 314-993-8927
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, data research associates, dra

TITLE: Library Concepts
DESCRIPTION: PC Card Catalog, a Windows 95, 98, NT cataloging and circulation system designed for the smaller library. Free demo is available for download.
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, diakon, small libraries

TITLE: EOS International One Carlsbad Research Center
DESCRIPTION: Award-winning Library Automation and Knowledge Management Solutions created
by Librarians for Librarians
LOCATION: 2382 Faraday Avenue, Suite 350,Carlsbad, CA 92008-7258
PHONE: 800-876-5484 | 760-431-8400 ext. 148
FAX: 760-431-8448
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, electronic online systems, eos

TITLE: Gaylord
DESCRIPTION: A provider for Library Information Management system and a manufacturer and distributor of library supplies, equipment, furniture, shelving and security systems.
PHONE: USA: 800-448-6160 ; International: 315-457-5070, ext. 287
FAX: USA: 800-272-3412 ; International: 315-457-5030
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, galaxy

TITLE: Geac Computers, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: "Geac delivers complete Unix, client-server and other computer solutions to various vertical markets including: libraries, financial institutions, hotels, clubs, construction, property management, newspapers, quick service restaurants, manufacturing, and distribution companies. Geac also offers hardware and network services. Geac has business centres in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Australia, and New Zealand. Geac is a publicly traded company with its common shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange."
LOCATION: 320 Nevada St., Newtonville, MA 02160
PHONE: 617-965-6310
FAX: 617-969-1928
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, geac

TITLE: ILS, International Library Systems, Corp.
CREATOR: ILS, International Library Systems, Corp.
DESCRIPTION: Developer of the SydneyPLUS system. The fully Y2K compliant integrated library system is specifically oriented towards satisfying the needs of special libraries and information centers. Web-OPAC demo is available.
LOCATION: 1135-13560 Maycrest Way, Richmond, B.C., Canada V6V 2J7
PHONE: 604-278-6717
FAX: 604-278-9161
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, sydney plus

TITLE: Inheritance Systems
DESCRIPTION: Specific focus on Library Management Software and services, Heritage IV is an integrated system that contains most major library functions.
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, heritage iv

TITLE: Inmagic, INC. - Content and Information Management Software
DESCRIPTION: Inmagic products and services organize and deliver enterprise content, seamlessly integrate portals, intranets, extranets and the Web.
Name: Amy Marks
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, contents management, acquisitions, text

TITLE: Innovative Interfaces Inc.
DESCRIPTION: "Innovative Interfaces provides computer software and hardware for the automation of the various functions performed by college, university, public and special libraries. Approximately 600 major libraries world-wide use Innovative's UNIX-based INNOPAC system."
LOCATION: 5850 Shellmound, Emeryville, CA 94608
PHONE: 510-655-6200
FAX: 510-450-6350
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, innopac

TITLE: Jaywil Software Development Inc.
DESCRIPTION: Its "ResourceMate?2.0 is Windows 3.1 / 95 / 98 based Resource Library Software designed for Clergy, Professionals, Church Libraries, Corporations and Private Schools. It features full cataloging, searching and circulating beginning at $149.99 through to $299.99."--Title screen.
LOCATION: P.O. Box 25005, Guelph, ON, Canada N1G 4T4
PHONE: 800-815-8370
FAX: 519-837-8656
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, jaywil, resourcemate

TITLE: OVID Technologies
DESCRIPTION: "The mission of Ovid Technologies, Inc. is to be the leading provider of innovative text retrieval software and database solutions to improve information access and advance research in the academic, medical, and scientific communities, worldwide."--About. The site contains information on OVID New, Events, Products, Database Catalog, Documentation, Press Releases, Support,etc.
LOCATION: 333 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001 USA
PHONE: 800-950-2035, Ext. 400 (toll-free) ; 212-563-3006
FAX: 212-563-3784
KEYWORDS: online database, ovid

TITLE: The Library Corporation
DESCRIPTION: The Library Corporation (TLC) delivers outstanding service and solutions to libraries of all sizes worldwide. Our integrated library system, Library�Solution, has been chosen by some of the busiest libraries in the country, including Corvallis-Benton County Public Library in Oregon, which circulates 1.5 million items annually and Santa Ana Public Library in California, which circulates 830,000 items annually. Library�Solution is a turnkey automation solution that utilizes an Oracle?database. It includes YouSeeMore, a personal portal for patrons, and Kid's Catalog Web, for young patrons. TLC also offers online cataloging with ITS.MARC, in addition to other automation solutions.
LOCATION: Research Park, Inwood, WV 25428-9733
PHONE: 800-325-7759 or 304-229-0100
FAX: 304-229-0295
KEYWORDS: automation, cataloging, Web, integrated

TITLE: SilverPlatter Information
DESCRIPTION: "A global information company which publishes reference databases in electronic formats to provide librarians and knowledge workers in research-oriented organizations with excellent searching, accurate results, and seamless links to full content. Using the Internet, Intranets, and client/server technology, we combine breakthrough search, retrieval, networking and administrative technology with a comprehensive selection of academic, scientific, medical, business and technical reference databases."--About the company.
LOCATION: 100 River Ridge Drive, Norwood, MA 02062-5043
PHONE: 781-769-2599
FAX: 781-769-8763
KEYWORDS: reference database, silverplatter

TITLE: SIRSI Corporation
DESCRIPTION: Provides a UNICORN suite of library management system. Its Web site contains information about SIRSI's Internet navigation product, VIZION, library automation products, UNICORN and STILAS, and WebCat, a World-Wide Web based library catalog.
LOCATION: 101 Washington Street SE, Huntsville, AL 35801-4827
PHONE: 256-704-7000
FAX: 256-704-7007
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, unicorn, webcat

DESCRIPTION: Provides Virtua system which is an integrated library automation system in a distributed multimedia environment on DEC, IBM, SUN, and HP platforms. Its Web site contains description of products and services, its multimedia OPAC, telnet links to VTLS libraries, and VTLS staff list, etc.
LOCATION: 1701 Kraft Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24060-6350
PHONE: 540-557-1200
FAX: 540-557-1210
KEYWORDS: integrated library system, vtls, virtua

TITLE: Winnebago Software Company
DESCRIPTION: Offers circulation, online public access catalogs, acquisitions, card production, and more library automation programs to school, public, academic, and special libraries.
LOCATION: 457 East South Street, Caledonia, MN 55921
PHONE: 800-533-5430 (sales) ; 800-654-3002 (support)
FAX: 507-724-2301 (sales) ; 507-724-5530 (support)
KEYWORDS: library software, winnebago

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