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Children/Youth/ Literacy Services:
Gifted Children

TITLE: A Glossary of Gifted Education
DESCRIPTION: A list of definitions for terms of gifted education from the perspective of sociologic social psychology.
E-MAIL: Steven M. Nordby,
KEYWORDS: gifted or talented children, education

TITLE: Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
DESCRIPTION: "Annotated links to gifted education resources all over the world, organized into content areas including academic acceleration, gifted learning disabled, profoundly gifted, educational theories, and lots more. Plus first hand success stories by the parents of gifted kids, along with Frequently Answered Questions. International lists of gifted organizations and conferences, too. In addition, you can find resources for our kids including magazines, software, web links and books."--Supplied by publisher.
KEYWORDS: gifted or talented children, education

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