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Ready Reference: Almanacs/Fact Books

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Almanac is: (1) a publication containing astronomical and meteorological data arranged according to the days, weeks, and months of a given year and often including a miscellany of other information;
(2) a publication containing statistical, tabular, and general information.
Fact Book is: a publication containing facts organized in a systematic way.
This section contains selected resources that provide factual data for particular dates and regions.

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TITLE: CIA World Factbook
DESCRIPTION: Provides all kinds of social, economical, political, and other facts for 266 nations, dependent areas, and other entities.
PUBLISHER: Central Intelligence Agency.
KEYWORDS: fact book, almanac

TITLE: Daily almanac
DESCRIPTION: Find information about today, such as Today's Fun Fact, Today's Word, Today's Figures, Sunrise/Sunset Calculator, Tarot and Biorythms, Today's Horoscope, Today's Humorscope, Today's View of Space, etc.
KEYWORDS: almanac, today

TITLE: E-Conflict World Encyclopedia
CREATOR: Emulate Me.
DESCRIPTION: Profiles each nation and province of the world. There are over 1,400 pages of written text on the nations. Maps, flags, world weather, national anthems of each nation are available for browsing and listening.
KEYWORDS: fact book, almanac

TITLE: Leonard's Sports World
DESCRIPTION: Contains sports statistics, news, discussion, trivia around the world and in US local newspapers.
E-MAIL: L.J. Evancic
KEYWORDS: sports, almanac

TITLE: The Living Almanac of Disasters
DESCRIPTION: Collects disasters, such as fires, earthquakes, and transportation, happened on a particular day of a month in history.
KEYWORDS: disasters, almanac

TITLE: OCLC NetFirst Calendar Planner
DESCRIPTION: Provides birth anniversaries and events happened on the days of a week in the past years. The calendar started from the week of September 13, 1998. It also lists annotated links to the sites that offer biographical information of the persons and historical information of the events. A very nice reference source for biographies and historical events.
KEYWORDS: calendar, biographies, historical events

TITLE: The Pulitzer Prizes
DESCRIPTION: Provides a chronological list of all prize winners since 1917, a searchable database of all prize winners by year, category, author or explanatory text, and archives of all Pulitzer Prize-winning works, including photos, editorial cartoons, music clips and the full text of all winning articles.
KEYWORDS: pulitzer prizes

TITLE: The Writer's Almanac
DESCRIPTION: "A daily program of poetry and history hosted by Garrison Keillor, can be heard each day on public radio stations throughout the country."--Title screen. New almanac entries are added each week.
KEYWORDS: writers, almanac

TITLE: WebCrawler
DESCRIPTION: Claims to be "the most comprehensive guide to communities around the world. City.Net is updated every day to provide easy and timely access to information on travel, entertainment, and local business, plus government and community services."--Title screen. Over 3,000 cities and destinations are included.
KEYWORDS: travel, business, government, city, fact book

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TITLE: FedStats
DESCRIPTION: "More than 70 agencies in the United States Federal Government produce statistics of interest to the public. The Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy maintains this site to provide easy access to the full range of statistics and information produced by these agencies for public use."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: statistics, federal agencies

TITLE: Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
DESCRIPTION: "As the National Data Book it contains a collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States. Selected international data are also included. The Abstract is also your Guide to Sources of other data from the Census Bureau, other Federal agencies, and private organizations."--Title screen. Information is arranged under USA Statistics in Brief, Frequently requested tables, State Rankings, State and County profiles.
PUBLISHER: U.S. Census Bureau.
KEYWORDS: statistics, census data

TITLE: Statistical Resources on the Web
DESCRIPTION: Provides annotated links to statistical data in many areas of the society for the United States and international countries.
PUBLISHER: University of Michigan Library.
E-MAIL: Grace York,
KEYWORDS: statistics

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