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Distance Education

TITLE: Center for Distance Learning Research
DESCRIPTION: "The mission of the Center for Distance Learning Research at Texas A&M University is to provide timely and appropriate information on the development, application and maintenance of information technology systems."
KEYWORDS: distance education

TITLE: Consumer's Guide to Choosing College Courses on the Internet
DESCRIPTION: "The purpose of this page is to provide information that is important to remember when looking at and deciding on electronic college courses and programs."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: distance education, guidelines

TITLE: Distance Learning Schools
DESCRIPTION: Complete resource guide for students to utilize as a one stop shop for finding all the information you need to know about online education
KEYWORDS: Distance Learning

DESCRIPTION: Provides access to over 13,000 online courses offered through accredited Universities and other educational resources for all ages.
E-MAIL: Kevin M. Rodin,
KEYWORDS: online courses, distance education

TITLE: The Distance and Education Training Counil Online
DESCRIPTION: "The Distance Education and Training Council (formerly the National Home Study Council) is a non profit educational association located in Washington, D.C. DETC serves as a clearinghouse of information about the distance study/correspondence field and sponsors a nationally recognized accrediting agency called the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council ... DETC member institutions offer more than 400 different academic, vocational, and avocational courses by mail or by telecommunications."--What is the DETC.
KEYWORDS: distance education

DESCRIPTION: "EDU-ONLINE is an open, moderated discussion list for professionals activity involved in delivering training and education via the Internet. Topics discussed include: emerging technologies, online training methodologies, online curriculum development,and other aspects of the challenge of exploiting the online medium to deliver quality distance education and training."
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KEYWORDS: distance education

TITLE: Peterson's: Distance Learning
DESCRIPTION: Provides excellent resources on in-depth program and course descriptions, list of institutions that provide distance learning, etc.
KEYWORDS: distance education

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