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Educational Software

TITLE: Chris' Wave Resource for Writing
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to software and other reference tools which may be of interest to students and teachers of college-level writing.
E-MAIL: Chris Coleman
KEYWORDS: educational technology, writing tools, software

TITLE: Educational Software Institute
DESCRIPTION: "Collection of K-12 educational software - more than 8,000 titles from over 350 publishers."--Title screen.
PHONE: 800-955-5570
KEYWORDS: educational software, k-12

TITLE: Educational Technology: Educational Software Sub-page
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to educational software repositories and indexes, specialized software resellers, and other educational software.
E-MAIL: Daniel K.Schneider
KEYWORDS: educational technology, educational software

TITLE: LittleFingers Software
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to software catalogs for Macintosh and Windows, shareware educational software, children games, information for schools, etc.
KEYWORDS: children software, educational software

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