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Educational Technology

TITLE: Classroom Connect
DESCRIPTION: Provides ClassroomWeb, an archive of Schools on the Web, and ConferenceWeb, a constantly updated list of educational conferences, Teachers Contact Database, and free educational software, etc.
PHONE: 800-638-1639
KEYWORDS: educational technology, internet classroom

TITLE: Consortium for School Networking
DESCRIPTION: Provides materials related to school netwroking.
E-MAIL: CoSNWebmaster
KEYWORDS: educational technology, school networking

TITLE: Educom
DESCRIPTION: "Educom is a nonprofit consortium of higher education institutions that facilitates the introduction, use, and access to and management of information resources in teaching, learning, scholarship, and research."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: educational technology, higher education

TITLE: NICEM (National Information Center for Educational Media)
DESCRIPTION: "NICEM maintains an extensive database of information about educational media, which is available via subscription or purchase online, on CD-ROM, and in print. NICEM's web site offers a free trial of the database, a listing of media producers and distributors with URLs, plus links of interest to educators."--Supplied by publisher.
KEYWORDS: educational technology, media, reference database, audio visual

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