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Law and Politics

TITLE: CataLaw: Metaindex of Law and Government
DESCRIPTION: "CataLaw is the catalog of catalogs of law on the Internet."--Title screen. It groups legal resources into Topics, Regions, and Extras on a search menu. It is a very comprehensive site for many specific legal areas and many countries around the world.
KEYWORDS: legal research, united states, international

TITLE: Copyright Permission Pages
DESCRIPTION: "The goal of our website is to make it easier for a teacher and/or scholar to obtain permission to use a copyrighted work for teaching or scholarly activities. It accomplishes this objective by bringing together in one place links to the copyright permission webpages of publishers and journals."--Title screen.
E-MAIL: Haibin Hu,
KEYWORDS: copyright permission forms, copyright contacts

TITLE: Cornell's Legal Information Institute
DESCRIPTION: Contains many primary legal resources such as Supreme Court decisions, statutes, constitutions, as well as secondary resources such as topical summaries, legal topics, etc.
KEYWORDS: legal research, cases, laws, statutes, court reports, united states

TITLE: Court TV Online
DESCRIPTION: The online version of the Court TV program. It provides famous legal cases, trial tracking, legal documents, and legal terms, straight answers to common questions, etc. It is designed for consumers, not lawyers.
KEYWORDS: legal research, cases, self-help, united states

DESCRIPTION: Home page of David J. Loundy, an attorney and author. The site contains the author's published works on law and technology, and the archives of his Technology Law column from the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, plus other Internet resources related to law and legal writing.
KEYWORDS: law and technology, legal writing

TITLE: The Electoral Websites' Parliaments Around the World
DESCRIPTION: Listing of the parliaments, elections, and the directory of parties around the world.
KEYWORDS: governments, parliaments, international

TITLE: FindLaw
DESCRIPTION: A comprehensive and searchable collection of links to legal resources on Internet. This includes all kinds of legal subjects, law reviews and periodicals, primary legal resources, legal publishers, news and reference materials, law firms, government agencies, legal associations, etc., and the Foreign & International Resources for searchable legal information in individual countries and list of Web pages for all countries.
KEYWORDS: legal research, united states, international

TITLE: Her Majesty's Stationery Office
DESCRIPTION: Serves as the Queen's Printer for Acts of Parliament, Church of England Measures and Statutory Instruments, the Measures of the Northern Ireland Assembly, Superintendence of the London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes, control and administration of Crown and Parliamentary copyright, and ensuring maintenance of a complete bibliographic record for Government publications.
KEYWORDS: acts, laws, copyright, united kingdom

TITLE: Hieros Gamos - the Comprehensive Legal Site
DESCRIPTION: "The largest and only comprehensive legal site with over 15,000 original pages and more than 30,000 links. HG I contains information on over 6,000 legal organizations including every government in the world. HG II contains 200 practice areas, 300+ discussion groups and 50 doing business guides provide free access to substantive information. Now, hundreds of hours of online seminars have been incorporated as well. HG III contains self-listing user-modifiable databases for meetings, publications, employment, law firms, experts, court reporters, ADR professionals, private investigators and process servers provide a free place for the entities within the worldwide legal profession to list information about themselves and for users to be personally notified by e-mail of new content meeting their precise interests. Its other resources, News, the Law Library, the Students' Page, and Journals, are among the most extensive available on the Internet. The new Search feature accesses a database of 15,000 law related URL's. More than 9,000 automatic searches have been defined so that additional materials on the specific subject can be easily found."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: legal research, united states, international

TITLE: Hoover's Online
DESCRIPTION: The most comprehensive site for company profiles. It contains links to over 4,000 company Web sites and provides a searchable database for company and corporate information.
KEYWORDS: company profiles, united states

TITLE: Immigration and Naturalization Service (United States)
CREATOR: United States Immigration and Naturalization Service.
DESCRIPTION: Contains Immigration and Naturalization Service forms, filing instructions, laws and regulations, statistics, information for employers, etc.
KEYWORDS: immigration law, immigration forms, ins

TITLE: Immigration Central
DESCRIPTION: Contains the Immigration Superhighway that lists FAQs for immigration issues, text of the new immigration law, the fee-based Immigration Assistant for Windows with legal help and over 130 immigration forms, the DOT: Dictionary of Occupational Titles Index which is an alphabetical index of occupational titles that lists the category and type number for each title, and the Other Interesting Immigration Sites and Related Links section that lists many nice immigration resources. Information can be viewed in Deutsch, Espa�ol, Chinese, Russian, and Polish.
E-MAIL: Webmaster
KEYWORDS: immigration law, immigration forms

DESCRIPTION: Open to anyone interested in US Immigration Issues. This is not a discussion list but a list where immigration law changes, policy statements, and answers to questions from readers will be posted. Only one question per member is allowed in any given 15 days. Answers will be posted on 1st and 15th of each month.
INSTRUCTION: subscribe IMMNET {Firstname Lastname}
KEYWORDS: immigration law, immigration policy, e-mail list

TITLE: JURIST: The Law Professors' Network
DESCRIPTION: "A free, non-commercial legal information service dedicated to the advancement of academic, professional and public legal education. Headquartered at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, it is mirrored in Europe by the Faculty of Law, Cambridge University and in Australia by the Faculty of Law, Australian National University."--Supplied by Director of the site. It provides subject guide, country guide, online articles, and many more legal resources around the world.
KEYWORDS: legal resources, international

TITLE: Law Lists
DESCRIPTION: "The "Law Lists" is divided into three parts: an introductory section that provides background information about the "Law Lists" document itself and the use of law-related electronic mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups in general; an alphabetical listing of e-mail lists; and an alphabetical listing of Usenet newsgroups."-Intro. Searchable.
E-MAIL: Lyonette Louis-Jacques, llou@
KEYWORDS: legal research, e-mail lists

TITLE: Law-on-the-Internet Booklist
DESCRIPTION: This is intended to cover every law-related guide on Internet, including books, newsletters, other publications, and videotape as well.
E-MAIL: G. Burgess Allison,
KEYWORDS: legal research, united states

TITLE: Law on the Web
DESCRIPTION: "This page provides links to information on United States law available on the Internet."--Source. Recommended sites are marked. Selected Internet Resources in Comparative and International Law and Human Rights is also available in another Web page. This site contains Federal Law, State Law, Law-Related Discussion Lists, Law Journals, General Guides to Law-Related Resources, Selected Subject-Area Guides, Search Engines for Legal Sites on the Internet. A very good resource for legal research in the United States.
KEYWORDS: legal research, united states

DESCRIPTION: Assembles more than 340+ legal related search engines into a "gigantic" metaindex search tool, it is the "legal Questions, Answers and Research from Attorneys".--Title screen. Its listTool - Mailing and Discussion List Manager makes the process of subscribing, unsubscribing and sending commands to over 500+ mailing and discussion lists easy.
KEYWORDS: legal research, united states

TITLE: LawLinks
DESCRIPTION: Contains resources range from general law-related information to specific legal topics in United States and Canada compiled by the Center for Law and Computers of the Chicago-Kent College of Law.
KEYWORDS: legal research, united states, canada

TITLE: Lawnet Australia
DESCRIPTION: Contains links to over 300 legal information sites in USA and other links to sites around the world. Some of the sites include High Court Australia, New Zealand Law List, Law of China, World Law, Vic Court List, etc.
KEYWORDS: legal research, international

TITLE: The 'Lectric Law Library's (TM) ROTUNDA
DESCRIPTION: Provides legal research and law study resources on the Net. Useful resources on The Study of Law Study section that help law students with bar exams, course outlines and subject pathfinders. The Forms Room has legal and business forms available for use. The Reference Room has a very comprehensive legal encyclopedia by topics.
KEYWORDS: legal research, law study and teaching

DESCRIPTION: "The single source for news and reviews of law-related Internet sites." It got the Best of the Web Award of 1996.
E-MAIL: Editor: Robert J. Ambrogi,
KEYWORDS: legal web sites reviews

TITLE: Nolo Press Self-Help Law Center
DESCRIPTION: Provides free self-help legal information, such as legal dictionary, legal research, and other information by subjects.
E-MAIL: Contact Nolo Press
KEYWORDS: self-help

TITLE: PIPER Resources: Public Information in a Digital Age
DESCRIPTION: Offers a frequently updated directory of links to government sponsored and controlled resources on the Internet.
KEYWORDS: legal research, state and local government, united states

TITLE: Project Diana: Online Human Rights Archive
DESCRIPTION: "The international archive of human rights legal documentation, this site is maintained under the guidance of the Orville H. Schell, Jr. Center for International Human Rights at Yale Law School. This site is designed to be a reference tool for research in human rights law, with online litigation documents and links to reference sites throughout the Internet."--About.
E-MAIL: Barry Goodman,
KEYWORDS: legal research, human rights, civil rights, international

TITLE: Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
DESCRIPTION: THOMAS currently offers the following databases: Congress This Week: Floor Activities (coverage: Current Congress - Current and One Previous Week), Bills (Major Legislation, Bill Summary & Status, Bill Text), Congressional Record (Congressional Record Text, Congressional Record Index), Committee Information (Committee Reports, Committee Home Pages), Historical Documents, the Legislative Process, and the U.S. Government Internet Resources.
KEYWORDS: legislation, legal research, united states

TITLE: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
DESCRIPTION: "The SEC is an independent, nonpartisan, quasijudicial regulatory agency with responsibility for administering the federal securities laws. The purpose of these laws is to protect investors in securities markets that operate fairly and to ensure that investors have access to disclosure of all material information concerning publicly traded securities."--What It Is, What It Does. The site contains the searchable EDGAR database, investors assistance, current SEC rulemaking, small business information, etc.
KEYWORDS: security law, edgar

TITLE: The Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy
DESCRIPTION: Contains links to federal and state government Web sites, and home pages of federal and state judiciaries, plus international legal Web sites.
E-MAIL: Kenneth P. Mortensen,
KEYWORDS: legal research, united states, international

TITLE: The Virtual Chase(TM): Guide to Resources for Legal Professionals
DESCRIPTION: It contains links to mostly United States legal resources in eight sections: Case Law and Judicial Information, Statutory Law and Legislative Information, Regulatory Law and Agency Resources, State Law, Legal Commentary, Legal Subjects, Not-Exactly-Legal Resources Useful for Lawyers, and Legal Information Guides by Other Research Professionals.
E-MAIL: Genie Tyburski,
KEYWORDS: legal research, united states

TITLE: WashLaw Web
CREATOR: Washburn University School of Law Library.
DESCRIPTION: Provides access to legal and reference information available on the Internet. It contains links to government information and agencies in all states, legal journals, law associations, law by subjects, CLE, laws, codes, court opinions, and many more.
E-MAIL: Mark Folmsbee,
KEYWORDS: legal research, united states, international

TITLE: The World List: Non-U.S. Law-Related Resources for the Internet Users
DESCRIPTION: "This list is the first material as the non-U.S. law-related resource guide in the world. Here you can find over 60 countries' data on the Internet in relation to the Law and Government."--Title screen.
AUTHOR: Makoto Ibusuki.
KEYWORDS: legal research, international

TITLE: World Wide Legal Information Association Web Site
DESCRIPTION: "This web site should be looked upon as a sort of (eventually) unlimited resource of legal information, covering each state in the world, and supported by members, sponsors and patrons, from both the legal community and the general public. It will be both professional and complete but also as extensive as possible."--Title screen. It covers legal directories, dictionaries, biographies, laws, cases, etc. of US, UK, Canada, Pacific areas, etc.
E-MAIL: Webmaster,
KEYWORDS: legal research, international

TITLE: The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources
DESCRIPTION: "Presents over 1400 annotated links in a range of international affairs topics. Sites are chosen because of long-term value, favoring those with cost-free, high-quality information and analysis online."--Title screen. It covers topics such as International Business and Economics, International Development, Study and Work Abroad, International Communications, World Religions, General Foreign Languages, Global Environment, Peace, Conflict Resolution, and International Security, French Language, International and Foreign Law, Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs, Spanish Language, International and Comparative Education, Health, and German Language.
E-MAIL: Wayne A. Selcher,
KEYWORDS: international affairs

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