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TITLE: AAUP Online Catalog and Bookstore
DESCRIPTION: The Association of American University Presses Catalog and Bookstore contains fully searchable bibliographic data and descriptive text of books and journals from more than fifty scholarly publishers. Catalog can be searched by author, title, standard Library of Congress subject keywords, boolean expressions are available, as well as limiting searches to specific subject areas based on the Library of Congress subject classifications. The catalog offers the option of following a link to a customized order form that can be downloaded or printed out and then mailed or faxed to the appropriate press. If the link does not appear at the bottom of the text, it means the book is either no longer in print, not yet listed by the publisher, or an order form is not available from the publisher. The latest information regarding publishers?addresses and phone numbers, subscription prices, single issues, back issues, and agency discounts are also included.
KEYWORDS: university press catalogs, american, usa

DESCRIPTION: The Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America (ABAA-booknet) specializes in rare and antiquarian books, maps, and prints. Out-of-print books may also be found here.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, rare books

DESCRIPTION: Contains a searchable database of 1.5 million UK titles.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, united kingdom

TITLE: Books
DESCRIPTION: A site for searching million titles (including in print and out-of-print materials), buying items online, and accessing book reviews resources.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, book reviews

TITLE: Best Big On-line Bookstores
DESCRIPTION: Offers "fine old books and a traditional book search capability, a list of best selling book titles to choose from, {and help users to} find book publishers, book reviews and libraries on-line."--Title screen. The lists of online US and Canadian bookstores, music stores, foreign books and antiquarian books are excellent sources to locate books on the Internet. Book reviews are also available.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, book reviews, bookstores, rare books

CREATOR: Chatterjee, Anirvan.
DESCRIPTION: Formerly MX BookFinder, "this is a book shopping search engine that scans bookseller databases to find new, used, rare, and out of print books."--Title screen. Quite amazing how fast and well organized for the searching results.
E-MAIL: Anirvan Chatterjee,
KEYWORDS: online bookstores, catalogs

TITLE: Bowker's Books In Print
DESCRIPTION: A current, comprehensive, continuously updated source of information on virtually the entire U.S. book publishing output. The database includes scholarly, popular, adult, juvenile, reprinted, and all other types of books, covering all subjects. Complete bibliographic, subject classification and ordering information is provided. Paid subscription is required to search the database and view information for selected titles.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, books in print

TITLE: Chegg Textbook Rentals
DESCRIPTION: Rent or buy used textbooks online from Chegg and save over $500 a year in education costs. Textbooks are also available in digital or "eTextbook" format.
KEYWORDS: rent textbooks, textbook rental, used textbooks, college textbooks

TITLE: GCPress: Independent Bookstores
DESCRIPTION: A list of bookstores, which carry books, media resources, magazines, inside and outside the United States.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, independent bookstores

TITLE: International League of Antiquarian Booksellers
DESCRIPTION: "An organisation that encompasses national associations of antiquarian booksellers around the world. It speaks for twenty-one nations and two thousand leading booksellers."--Title screen. The site provides links to the associations around the world. Many of them list the membership directory, organization information. Some have links to rare and out-of-print catalogs.
KEYWORDS: rare books, out-of-print books, antiquarian booksellers, united states, international

TITLE: The Internet Bookshop
DESCRIPTION: One of the world's largest online book retailers selling UK and US books. It has "a database of close to a million books".
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, internet bookshop, united kingdom, united states

TITLE: MediaFinder
DESCRIPTION: A web site with over 95,000 searchable listings of US and international publications in all kinds of format. It contains magazines, catalogs, newsletters, newspapers, directories, etc.
KEYWORDS: catalogs

TITLE: Micromedia Ltd.
DESCRIPTION: Claims to be the premier provider of information from Canadian sources, both in Canada and in the global market. It's Lists and catalogues section contains CD-ROM Catalogue, Serials Catalogue, Current News & Periodicals Products, Titles List, Curriculum Guides Catalogue, Canadian Education Thesaurus.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, canada

TITLE: Powell's Books
DESCRIPTION: Quoted as "one of the best bookstores in the English-speaking world."--Title screen. It contains all kinds of subjects and is categorized into Recommended Titles, Best Sellers, Rare Books, New Arrivals, Signed Editions, etc.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs

TITLE: priceminister
DESCRIPTION: a website allowing users to buy and sell their books securely online.
KEYWORDS: Bookstore, United Kingdom

DESCRIPTION: Offers college textbooks at the publisher's cost plus a small service fee.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, textbooks

TITLE: TitleNet
DESCRIPTION: A commercial area on the Internet created by Inforonics for publishers to present information about their products and services, and for users to request further information from publishers. TitleNet is a service paid for by participating publishers. Some publishers provide table of contents or abstracts information for the publications. Most entries include information on pricing, ordering, latest releases, and supplements. There is also a section for small press publishers searchable by author, title, keywords, etc.
E-MAIL: Robin Humes,; Stephen Mills,
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs

DESCRIPTION: A searchable and comprehensive catalog for college and university textbooks browsable by subject areas.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, textbooks, colleges, universities

TITLE: The Whole Web Book Search
DESCRIPTION: A service for locating over 20,000,000 books, rare, used, and antiquarian book dealers, and information and guidelines for book preservation and appraising book values.
KEYWORDS: publishers' catalogs, new books, out-of-print books, rare books, book appraisal, preservation



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