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K-12 Education

TITLE: Ameritech Family and Education Outpost
CREATOR: Ameritech Corp.
DESCRIPTION: A resource for K-12 education in Ameritech's 5-state area. Based on teaching and learning with technology, the Outpost offers guidance and insights into K-12 education for parents and teachers, including opportunities for awards and grants. It consists of five major sections: Treasures of the Internet (searchable by age level and topic area), Commitment to philosophy and featured projects), Innovation Exchange (current contests and winning ideas), Technology Advisor (funding resources and technology advice), and What's in the News.
KEYWORDS: education, k-12

TITLE: Classroom Connect
DESCRIPTION: Offers reviewed links to K-12 educational resources on the internet and the interactive databases for educators to interact with other colleagues.
KEYWORDS: education, k-12

DESCRIPTION: "A free portal that provides resources to K-12 librarians, teachers, and administrators. It gives educators access to current education news and trends, lesson plans, curriculum tips, book reviews, and more."--Supplied by creator.
E-MAIL: Comments
KEYWORDS: educators, teachers, education news, curriculum, book reviews

TITLE: Education World: Where Educators Go To Learn
DESCRIPTION: Check out the Browse by Categories. There are links to lession plans, curriculum, libraries, etc. sites under the Teachers Resources and Research Resources sections.
E-MAIL: Education World
KEYWORDS: educators, teachers, instructional resources

TITLE: The ESL Quiz Center
DESCRIPTION: "A growing collection of interactive quizzes in Current News, Geography, Grammar, History, Idioms, Slang, Words, People, Reading Comprehension, Science, Vocabulary, World Culture, and Writing." Learn while having fun at the same time.
E-MAIL: Dave Sperling,
KEYWORDS: education, quizzes

TITLE: The Global Schoolhouse
DESCRIPTION: Provides the Connected Educator which includes "teacher activity guides, Encarta Schoolhouse and on-line software guides. Includes Global SchoolNet projects, listservs and Internet training solutions"; the Connected Classroom in which educators can register their class projects or see projects from other schools around the world, create and publish web pages for schools for free and download the latest Internet software from Microsoft; and the Connected Learning Community which allows educators to get connected to the education community and find out how schools can maximize technology in their labs and classrooms, and post events for the entire education community.
KEYWORDS: education, k-12

TITLE: GRIEF: How to Help Children Feel, Deal & Heal
DESCRIPTION: "Offering expert advice to caregivers, guidance counselors, grief counselors, teachers, parents, grief support groups, librarians, social workers and professionals in the hospice/hospital/grieving field."--Title screen.
KEYWORDS: grief children, education, k-12

TITLE: Library of Congress. Learning Page
DESCRIPTION: Contains American Memory historical collections and other Library of Congress resources, a page to test DQ (Detective Quotient) for solving history mysteries, links to classroom ideas and resources, etc.
KEYWORDS: k-12, elementary, secondary education, american history, library of congress, lc

TITLE: Lycos Directory: Reference: Education: K Through 12
CREATOR: Lycos, Inc.
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to educational resources, online K-12 teaching and learning, and school Web sites, etc.
KEYWORDS: k-12, elementary, secondary education

DESCRIPTION: Provides data of higher education (college and graduate), secondary education, business and career education domestic or abroad collecting mostly through annual surveys.
KEYWORDS: higher education, pre-college, secondary education

TITLE: Teachit
DESCRIPTION: Designed and run by Siobhain Archer, an active teacher, Teachit is a free online library of professionally produced lesson plans, schemes of work and classroom resources for secondary English teachers. All of the resources are organized into age groups and curriculum areas and are downloadable and photocopiable for free.
E-MAIL: Michael Bell,
KEYWORDS: english, teaching, secondary education

TITLE: Virtual LRC
DESCRIPTION: "The Virtual Learning Resources Center facilitates secondary and community college students in their search for quality information for school and college academic projects."--About Virtual LRC. It performs searches on various search engines and on selected sites in subject or information areas including: "full-text magazines, newspapers, electronic text archives, art history, biography, biology, career information, psychology, history, government information, literature, medical information, social sciences, and legal information."--About. It also contains links to selected professional resources.
E-MAIL: Michael Bell,
KEYWORDS: k-12 schools, community colleges

TITLE: Web66: International WWW Schools Registry
DESCRIPTION: Comprehensive list of K-12 schools, special schools such as arts, charter, gifted & talented, handicap, international, math, montessori, on-line, parochial, private, science schools on the Internet around the world.
E-MAIL: Stephen E. Collins,
KEYWORDS: k-12 schools, directories

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