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Children/Youth/ Literacy Services:
General Resources

TITLE: Adventures of Alex Online
DESCRIPTION: The Mystic Island offers many cartoon characters that are fun for the kids. The Popular Attractions include storybooks, music, education on science and earth, etc.
KEYWORDS: kids, children, education, entertainment

CREATOR: Arbor Media.
DESCRIPTION: This is a math site designed for kids 12 and under. Features include flashcards, US/Metric conversion tool and tables, biographies of mathematicians and an ask the expert feature.
KEYWORDS: kids, children, education, math

TITLE: Art Rights and Wrongs
DESCRIPTION: "This site created by 6th graders helps kids understand the importance of copyrights. There is advice from more than 20 museum and educational webmasters and publishers about getting permission for materials on the Internet. It features an interview and tour of the National Digital Library of the Library of Congress. The site gives many tips and tools for getting permission and acknowledging sources."--Supplied by publisher.
E-MAIL: Madeline Gesslein,
KEYWORDS: kids, children, copyrights, permission

TITLE: Awesome Cyber Cards and an Awesome Site for All Ages
DESCRIPTION: An excellent site for children and teens to send and receive cyber cards.
E-MAIL: Marlo Marmalade and JJ Jamm,
KEYWORDS: kids, children, youth, teenagers, k-12, greeting cards

TITLE: Children's Book Council
DESCRIPTION: A non-profit trade association of children's book publishers and producers of related literacy materials for children.
KEYWORDS: kids, children, youth, books

TITLE: The Children's Literature Web Guide
DESCRIPTION: "The Children's Literature Web Guide is an attempt to gather together and categorize the growing number of Internet resources related to books for Children and Young Adults."--Introduction. This site also compiles book awards lists from a variety of print and Internet sources, children books bestseller list, children's stories on the Web, resources for teachers, parents, storytellers, writers, etc. Moreover, it collects information about movies based on children's books.
E-MAIL: Webmaster,
KEYWORDS: kids, children, youth, teenagers, k-12, literature, stories

TITLE: English Word Games
DESCRIPTION: "English word games with Japanese translations, hangman, word puzzles, word search, spelling games, other educational games and basic Japanese."--Supplied by publisher.
KEYWORDS: word games, educational games, japanese, english

TITLE: Fairy Bird Children's Books
DESCRIPTION: We provide original adventure books in English for children with a unique
ethnic and cultural background.  Teachers of grade school children might
find our books particularly interesting because of the socio-anthropological
E-MAIL: Einhard Buchheim,
KEYWORDS: Unusual, Interesting, Educational, Unique

TITLE: Inkspot: Children's Author Directory
DESCRIPTION: Contains author and illustrator directory which links to the children book authors' resources.
E-MAIL: Debbie Ridpath Ohi,
KEYWORDS: writers, children books

TITLE: Internet Public Library Teen Division
DESCRIPTION: "The collection of the Teen Division of the Internet Public Library is developed for teenagers ages 13-19 and their parents, teachers, and anyone else interested in information directed to and about teenagers and young adults. Material used and sites recommended are chosen based on their appropriateness for the subject matter and should be written and maintained by an authoritative source." Provides information on college and university education, youth entertainmentand activities, social issues, etc.
KEYWORDS: teenagers, education, entertainment

TITLE: Internet Public Library Youth Division
DESCRIPTION: "The collection of the Youth Division of the Internet Public Library is developed for children and youth ages 4-14, their parents, teachers, and anyone else interested in the literature and information directed to and about children and young adults. Material used and sites recommended are chosen based on their appropriateness for the subject matter (ie, science projects, math, stories, literature discussion, etc) and should be written and maintained by an authoritative source. The information should be current, accurate, and presented in an objective and well-organized manner. While the resources may not be aimed specifically at children or young adults, their contents should be of interest and useful to these age groups."
KEYWORDS: kids, children, youth, education

TITLE: K-12 Online Educational Games
DESCRIPTION: The vast majority of kids love to learn. If a child doesn’t seem involved in learning, it’s up to the child’s parents and teachers to help make learning fun. Having fun while learning instills a love for learning that will stay with the child while growing up. Every child is unique and learns through different methods. Depending upon the child’s method of learning, look for games that would interest the child, and that the child would adapt to quickly. This will help a child grow and learn more quickly.
KEYWORDS: Online Educational Games

TITLE: Kid Info: Historical Documents
DESCRIPTION: Provides links to significant historical documents for United States and searchable online encyclopedia sites.
KEYWORDS: united states history

TITLE: Knowledge Adventure
DESCRIPTION: Offers links to kid's games and math activities, as well as products catalog for activities arranged in toddlers through teens levels.
KEYWORDS: kids, children, youth, education, entertainment

TITLE: The Librarian's Guide to Cyberspace for Parents and Children: 50+ Great Sites
DESCRIPTION: "Sites are recommended for preschool-elementary age children and their parents by librarians who work with children, and with the Web, every day. They include members of the Association for Library Service to Children, the American Association of School Librarians, the Public Library Association, and other divisions of the American Library Association.".
KEYWORDS: preschool, elementary

TITLE: Re: QUEST dot Net (TM)
CREATOR: Corbett, Larry H., Jr.
DESCRIPTION: "An online library of internet and reference resources offering substantive, fully annotated, links to valuable resources ... to help students and professionals locate day-to-day information and resources in a relatively quick and concise manner.". Topics include Animals, Books & Literature, Education, Employment & Jobs, Entertainment, Finance & Money, Genealogy, Geography, Government, Health & Medicine, History, Internet & Computers, News & Media, Office & Work, Reference, Sports & Recreation, Telephone Directories, Travel & Vacation, Weather & Meteorology, etc.
LOCATION: 17300 E. Seventeenth Street, Suite No. J-387, Tustin, California 92780
PHONE: 562-925-6225
E-MAIL: info @
KEYWORDS: education, children, youth

TITLE: Scholastic Central
DESCRIPTION: "Scholastic Inc., is a major worldwide multi-media company and one of the largest publishers and distributors of children's books and educational materials in the world." For all ages.
KEYWORDS: kids, children, youth, teenagers, k-12, children books, education

TITLE: Young Adults Services Homepage
DESCRIPTION: "25,000+ books, paperbacks, comics, magazines, music CDs and tapes, computer CDs, Internet access, word processing, books on tape.. all for middle and high school aged users."--Title screen.
E-MAIL: or
KEYWORDS: teenagers

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