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InfoWorks Technology Company is pleased to present Internet Library for Librarians, the most popular information resource site for librarians since 1994. Currently, Internet Library for Librarians receives more than 200,000 hits and 26,000 user sessions per month. The average user session length is about 7 minutes. The Library was chosen as a SUNLINK Link of the Week. It received the Digital Librarian Award from Argus Clearinghouse. It was selected as one of the very best library and reference sites by LibrarySpot. It received five stars (the highest ranking for exceptional work) for the Information Management & Technology section from Anbar Cool Sites. It is also a great honor for Internet Library for Librarians to be linked as a cataloging tool in the Library of Congress Cataloger's Desktop and Classification Plus products.

Internet Library for Librarians is a comprehensive Web database designed to provide a one-stop shopping center for library staff to locate Internet resources related to their profession. It provides links to about 3,000 Internet sites. All the Internet resources that are included in this site have been reviewed. Each entry has a full description of the goals and/or scope of the resource, as well as the contact information if provided. Internet Library for Librarians is a handy and useful tool for both novices and experienced library staff. The site is updated monthly.

Internet Library for Librarians is categorized into the following sections:

Internet Library for Librarians is updated on a regular basis.

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