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Children/Youth/ Literacy Services:
Library E-Mail Lists and Newsgroups

TITLE: Children's Librarianship
DESCRIPTION: A discussion list for library services to children and young adults in public libraries.
E-MAIL: Shannon VanHemert,
KEYWORDS: children services, youth, teenagers, public library

TITLE: OOP-LOOP: Collectors of Out of Print Children's Books
DESCRIPTION: "The purpose of the oop-loop is to bring together people, mostly home school moms, interested in collecting and preserving various out-of-print children's books for our children's use and for posterity. We believe that many of the out-of-print books offer our children better quality reading than many of the series of today, and are worth finding, collecting, and preserving and most of all reading. Some of the series and authors collected are United States Landmarks and World Landmarks published by Random House, Childhood of Famous Americans by Bobs-Merrill, We Were There series, Signature books by Grosset & Dunlap, any books by V M Hillyer, Genevieve Foster, G A Henty, Lucy Fitch Perkins, and many more."--New List Announcement.
E-MAIL: Larry Wilson,
KEYWORDS: children books, out-of-print books



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